International Patients

Many patients desire the quiet anonymity afforded by having treatment abroad, or seek out the specific care of the expert of their choice regardless of location. Consequently, our clinic welcomes many patients from outside the United Kingdom, to whom we provide a facilitated service.


We recognise the investment patients make in choosing to fly in for treatment, hence we aim to provide a seamless and customised service to ensure they get the most out of their stay. To this end, we offer a Preliminary Consultation to patients living abroad, which can be conducted via telephone, email or online questionnaire (please use our consultation form). Although not strictly required, this initial remote consultation provides both patient and doctor the peace of mind that a suitable treatment may be possible, prior to arrival in London. This preliminary consultation also assists the clinic in preparing for the patient’s visit and optimises what can be accomplished during the first face-to-face meeting in London.

Preparing for your visit

An important part of this remote preparation process is the evaluation of the patient’s medical information and photographs (please review our guidelines for how to provide high quality imagery). Dr Sorensen will review all details and determine whether the patient appears to be a suitable candidate for the desired surgery. All patients will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis in order to clearly understand goals and expectations, and to provide the highest level of personalised service regardless of patient location.


Dr Sorensen’s preliminary evaluation will be followed up with communication covering all aspects of the procedure, recovery process and recommended length of stay. Except under special circumstances, this preliminary discussion will then be followed by a face-to-face consultation with Dr Sorensen in London before a date for surgery is formally set.

Travel planning

Our team is able to assist with travel arrangements, including hotel recommendations. Most patients stay for 7-14 days depending on their procedure. We often recommend travelling with a friend or family member who will be able to keep the patient company and offer personal support. We encourage all patients to arrive well in advance of surgery in order to be well rested for the procedure.

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