Facial Reconstruction

At the Sorensen Clinic, we are specialists in reconstructive surgery of facial soft tissues, with the expertise not only to restore tissue coverage and facial contours, but also to repair nerve and muscle function of the face.


Facial trauma reconstruction is the rectification of facial lacerations such as those commonly inflicted during motor vehicle accidents, incidents of violence or from animal attacks. Appropriate treatment at the time of injury is the most effective way of preventing post-traumatic facial deformities. Unfortunately, due to life-threatening injuries or other circumstances, patients do not always receive sufficient plastic surgery, often resulting in unsatisfactory outcomes.


Although it may not be possible to completely restore pre-injury facial appearance, significant improvements can often be made in one or a series of reconstructive surgeries. A range of procedures can be used to address complex cuts and injuries to the face, skin and deeper tissues, including the eyelids, brows, nose, ears, lips, mouth and cheeks.


Methods include utilising local or regional skin flaps, skin or soft tissue transplants, or microsurgery. Procedures are designed to maximise functional and cosmetic outcomes.

Candidates for facial reconstruction

Patients who have experienced facial trauma or have lasting deformities following trauma, and who are in good health.