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Best-In-Class Surgeons: Procedures and Outcomes in Plastic Surgery

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BB Publishing, 2020: ‘Best-in-Class Surgeons - Procedures and Outcomes in Plastic Surgery’. ISBN: 978-1905904778



BB Publications is an international publisher of books and periodicals. Their publications include medical textbooks relating to plastic surgery.

Publishers note

This new edition in our plastic surgery series features a number of best-in-class plastic surgeons from around the world, with in-depth presentations of their signature procedures and outcomes.

Facelift and Fat Grafting

Dr Jesper Sorensen


A chapter describing the key physiological events of the facial ageing process and how these may be reversed, in order to achieve a harmonious and balanced rejuvenation of the face.


The approach described in this chapter, combines three treatment modalities for reversing facial ageing: (1) soft-tissue elevation and repositioning to counter gravitational descent and restore facial shape, (2) restoration of volume throughout the face, with an emphasis on areas of deflation and hollowness, (3) optimisation of skin health, to improve dermal thickness, texture, tone and pigmentation.


When combined, these synergistic treatments will deliver a natural and physiologically correct reversal of the age-related changes. They will enhance each others effectiveness, providing an overall refreshment of the face with significant aesthetic benefits for the patient.

Perioral Rejuvenation

Dr Jesper Sorensen and Dr Sameira Perren


The mouth and surrounding soft-tissues undergo significant physiological and structural changes with age and is one of the main aesthetic concerns of women from early mid-life onwards.


At the Sorensen Clinic we have developed a diagnostic system that considers each of the seven key components of perioral ageing. This chapter describes these events in detail and outlines the associated surgical and non-surgical treatment strategies.


We find that our individualised and multi-vectored treatment process significantly increases the aesthetic outcome for patients, both when used as a stand-alone treatment to the perioral region or as part of a full facial rejuvenation.


Our perioral treatments are of particular benefit to those individuals who wish to appear rejuvenated and refreshed, while maintaining a natural balance between their anatomical structures and without evident signs of surgical or non-surgical intervention.

January 2020