Dr Jesper Sorensen


Dr Jesper Sorensen MD, PhD

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr Jesper Sorensen is a London-based plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specialises in aesthetic plastic surgery and facial reconstructive surgery. He is the founder of the Sorensen Clinic, where he works with a team of leading medical professionals.


Dr Sorensen qualified in Medicine (MD) from the University of Copenhagen in 1992. After completing training in trauma and general surgery, he undertook higher surgical training in plastic surgery at the National University Hospital in Denmark.

Particularly interested in surgery of the face and the facial nerve, he pursued in-depth research in this field from early in his career. In 1998, he completed a thesis on peripheral nerve regeneration for which he received a doctorate (PhD) from the University of Copenhagen.


Further research opportunities brought him to the Cochin Institute in Paris on a microsurgical post-doctoral engagement, where he developed new techniques for improving safety and optimising outcomes in facial surgery. He later supplemented his competencies in aesthetic plastic surgery and facial reconstructive surgery with sub-specialty training in Rome and New York.


Dr Sorensen is an internationally recognised lecturer in microsurgery and for many years was in charge of the microsurgical division at the University of Copenhagen. He has been actively engaged in scientific and technological advancements in this field and has led a wide range of courses in microsurgery. Dr Sorensen has developed high-precision surgical techniques and his own range of microsurgical instruments.


Throughout his career Dr Sorensen has received numerous honours and awards, including two National Scientist Fellowships and a National Research Council Fellowship, as well as professional recognition for excellence in surgery.


For several years, Dr Sorensen held a position as an Honorary Consultant Plastic Surgeon at University College London Hospital (UCLH), specialising in facial reconstruction.


Today, Dr Sorensen works exclusively in private practice. He undertakes complex facial reconstructive surgeries, including treatments for facial palsy and surgeries for reduced eyelid function.


Dr Sorensen has a special interest in aesthetic surgeries, including natural-looking facial rejuvenation, facelifts, neck lifts, endoscopic brow lifts, eyelid/oculoplastic surgeries, fat grafting, facial implants and a complete range of breast enhancement procedures.