Sorensen Harvester

Fat harvester with angulated micro-ports, for delicate fat transfer procedures to the face and body.


The Sorensen Harvester extracts high quality micro fat particles. The cannula has angulated ports with alternating cutting edges, ensuring less trauma to the donor site and impressive fat cell survival.


The instrument is designed by Dr Sorensen and manufactured by Tulip Medical (California, USA). It includes Tulip's connector system and zirconium nitride coating (for smooth tissue penetration).


The fat-yield is suitable for distribution through 0.7, 0.9 and 1.2mm micro injectors. The Sorensen Harvester is available in several sizes and port configurations, depending on requirements. Please see the manufacturer's website for further details.



“Sorensen Harvesters, the gold standard for fat transfer to the face, periorbit and breast.”


Tulip Medical, 2015