Instrument Design

Instruments are an extension of a surgeon’s hands and continued innovation in equipment design is key to ever-improving standards of patient care and comfort.


Dr Sorensen has developed specialist equipment and high-precision procedures within his field to increase accuracy and safety and thereby improve surgical results.

The Sorensen line of microsurgical instruments

The Sorensen line of instruments was first developed in 1998. Designed by Dr Sorensen and produced by S&T, a leading manufacturer of microsurgical tools, these instruments represent the best in Scandinavian design and Swiss craftsmanship. The instruments have been designed to maximise precision of handling, increase stability and streamline surgical procedures.


While performing a series of surgeries in Paris in the spring of 1998, I was struck by the inefficiency of frequently swapping instruments during lengthy procedures. I thus developed the idea for a set of forceps that could perform multiple functions, and together with S&T, had them manufactured to the highest industry standard. Twenty years on, with several other instruments added to the range, it is with pride that I am able to perform all my microsurgery exclusively with the use of my own instrument designs.”

Dr Sorensen on his S&T microsurgical instruments.


The instruments are in use worldwide by plastic surgeons, neurosurgeons, scientists and others who require optimum precision and subtle control. It is to the benefit of his patients that Dr Sorensen performs all his microsurgery with these customised, high-precision instruments.


The Sorensen line of microblade scissors and multipurpose forceps are at the cutting edge of microsurgical design. They have revolutionised the business and are sought after the world over.

Wallpaper* Magazine, 2010.

Sorensen fat transfer instruments

In order to optimise the quality and survival of fat particles used in facial fat transfer procedures, Dr Sorensen developed a new concept for micro fat harvesting in 2012. Designed by Dr Sorensen and produced by Tulip Medical (USA), the fat harvesting instruments incorporate angulated micro-ports and internal alternating cutting edges, to ensure the highest possible fat purity.


Sorensen Harvesters, the gold standard for facial and periorbital fat transfer.

Tulip Medical, 2015.

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