Facial Aesthetic Surgery / Facial Rejuvenation

There may be various reasons to seek facial aesthetic surgery. These include dissatisfaction with naturally-given features, congenital problems, the wish to camouflage scars, or a desire to reverse the changes that have occurred due to ageing or life events.


At the Sorensen Clinic we are specialists in the improvement and rejuvenation of the face. We provide the full range of facial rejuvenation procedures, including: facelift, neck lift, endoscopic brow lift, fat transfer, eyelid/oculoplastic surgeries and facial implants. Due to our expertise in microsurgery and facial reconstructive work, as well as our specialised technologies (e.g. facial CT scanning and three-dimensional pre-surgical analysis) and customised surgical instruments, we have been able to refine treatments for all areas of the face.


Approaching the face as a whole - underlying topography, soft tissues and skin - we often find that more can be achieved with a lighter application of several complementary surgical treatments, each of which addresses a specific physiological component of the ageing process. Furthermore, we perform facial surgeries that respect the balance of proportions and concentration of character within an individual's face - the aim is to rejuvenate and refine, not to exaggerate. Fundamentally, our skill lies in the provision of understated solutions that refresh and restore.



An overview of facial rejuvenative procedures available at the Sorensen Clinic.

Face and neck lift

A face and neck lift is the most effective procedure for reversing the effects of ageing and gravity in the mid and lower portions of the face. It will elevate and reposition the soft-tissues in the cheek and mid-face, correct lax skin and provide a cleaner and more defined neck and jawline. A facelift may also include restoration of facial volume to address age-related tissue atrophy and deflation. Where indicated, the procedure can incorporate subtle adjustments to facial contours, such as localised fat removal, balancing of minor asymmetries, etc. The result is a long-lasting, natural and harmonious rejuvenation of the face.

Eyelid surgery

The eyes are the most important aesthetic and functional component of the face. For this reason, eyelid procedures are among the most efficient ways to give the face a fresher appearance with relatively light surgery. Whether the goal is to remove excess tissue or enhance shape and volume, Dr Sorensen uses highly specialised microsurgical techniques that conserve muscle and respect eyelid function. Periorbital fat grafting may be used simultaneously, to address hollowing and improve on soft-tissue contours around the eye.

Forehead and brow lift

The endoscopic brow lift is used for rejuvenation of the forehead and areas adjacent to the eyes, reversing the effects of sagging, asymmetry and heavy creasing. It provides a graded and precisely adjusted lift, yet is gentle to the forehead and leaves only minor scarring which is hidden behind the hairline. As the endoscopic brow lift has a pronounced rejuvenating effect to the forehead and eyelids, the procedure is often used to complement facelift surgeries in order to achieve a balanced result across the entire face.

Perioral rejuvenation

The perioral tissue undergoes significant changes with age, this includes: lip-thinning, formation of vertical lines, nasolabial folds, subcutaneous fat deposits and buccal fat herniation. Any facial rejuvenation must to some degree consider the status of the mouth and surrounding soft-tissues. When the perioral region appears youthful and refreshed, the overall aesthetics of the face will be enhanced considerably. At the Sorensen Clinic we offer a wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatment options to address perioral ageing.

Fat transfer

Tissue atrophy and loss of fullness are normal physiological components of facial ageing. Autologous fat transfer treatment will replenish the lost volume and restore contours throughout the face. The stem cell content of the transplanted fat will stimulate microcirculation and positively impact on the status and health of the treated tissues. For individuals with pronounced deflation and hollowness, it may be the single most effective rejuvenative procedure. Fat transfer has extensive therapeutic applications and is successfully combined with any other facial surgery.

Facial implants

The maxillary, zygomatic and mandibular bones form the skeletal framework of the central face and provide the deep foundation for the soft-tissues. A well-defined craniofacial architecture is aesthetically desirable and will deliver resistance to age-related changes throughout the face. Implants are used to balance facial contours, compensate for age-related bone reabsorption and augment areas of recessed or poorly defined tissue. Depending on individual requirements, Dr Sorensen may recommend anatomical silicone implants, porous high-density polyethylene implants or customised three-dimensional implants (Peek), manufactured from CT Scans.

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