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April 2017 / ZO Medical


New in skin care - Rosacea treatment with Rozatrol


Rosacea is a common skin condition associated with permanent facial redness, acne-like papules and pustules, small visible blood vessels and increased skin sensitivity.


Rozatrol™ Normalising Serum, a product recently introduced from ZO Skin Health, can be used as part of a personalised skin care protocol to relieve the symptoms of rosacea.


The ingredients in Rozatrol reduce the redness of the skin, decrease inflammation caused by excess oil production, increase skin cell turnover with gentle exfoliation and provide anti-oxidant protection.


For further information or to book an appointment for a skin assessment, please contact our office team.



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June 2016 / Tulip Medical


Sorensen fat harvesters available as single-use instruments


Sorensen Harvesters, considered the gold standard for extracting high quality micro fat particles are now available as premium pre-packed single-use instruments from Tulip Medical.


The 20 port-configured fat harvesters allow gentle, yet efficient harvesting both on the forward and backward strokes.


Sorensen Harvesters are designed by Dr Sorensen (UK) and manufactured by Tulip Medical (USA). The instruments are used by surgeons worldwide for delicate fat transfer procedures to the face, periorbit, hands and breast.



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