Perioral Rejuvenation

Any successful facial rejuvenation must to some degree consider the status of the mouth and lips. If the perioral soft-tissue appears youthful and refreshed, the overall appearance of the face will be enhanced considerably.


The mouth and surrounding soft-tissues undergo significant physiological and structural changes with age. It is one of the most frequent aesthetic concerns of women from early mid-life onwards. Common clinical presentations include: vertical line formation, uneven pigmentation, volume loss (fat atrophy), lengthening of the upper lip, gravitational descent with subsequent deepening of natural folds (nasolabial and marionette) and an accumulation of buccal fat.

Rejuvenation of the mouth and lips

In order to achieve a comprehensive and lasting improvement, it is important to treat the deeper soft-tissue layers alongside the superficial skin. A combination of treatments (each of which addresses a relevant component of the ageing process) will provide synergistic benefits beyond what can be achieved from a single procedure.


The list below describes different treatment options available at the Sorensen Clinic, some of which may be combined depending on individual requirements.

●  Medical Skin Care

A personalised skin care protocol with active ingredients such as high-dose retinol and vitamin C (ZO Skin Health) provides a general improvement to skin quality, texture and pigmentation - optimising overall treatment outcome.


●  Microneedling

Medical skin needling (Dermapen) provides fractional stimulation of the dermis and epidermis. The treatment induces collagen replacement and remodelling. Indicated for a variety of chronic and age-related skin conditions, including sun-damage and vertical lines.


●  Skin Peeling

A medical-strength solution (combining TCA, salicylic acid, lactic acid and high-dose retinol) is applied to the perioral skin which causes the superficial layer to peel off. The treatment facilitates formation of healthy new skin with a smoother surface and improved pigmentation.


●  Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic acid fillers provide full, well-defined lips. The treatment may also be indicated for smoothening perioral lines and wrinkles (i.e. upper lip lines, nasolabial folds and marionette lines).


●  Microfat Grafting

Specialised fat transfer technique. A liquid suspension of very fine (micro) autologous fat particles are transplanted into a superficial layer below the perioral skin, along the lip line or in the sub-mucosal layer. Used to treat fat atrophy, vertical rhytids (occasionally referred to as 'barcode' lines) and restore smooth, soft contours.


●  Structural Fat Grafting

Multilayered fat transfer of small-to-mid sized particles may be indicated to support and elevate the lower angle of the mouth or to blend natural folds (i.e. nasolabial, marionette and pre-jowl sulcus).


●  Buccal Fat Reduction

Modifying the deep fat of the face from inside the mouth, is a gentle surgical procedure to address age-related lower facial heaviness. The treatment will result in slimmer contours of the front part of the lower face and a more defined jawline.


●  Micro-Liposuction

A conservative reduction of the superficial fat deposits of the perioral mound. The treatment is performed with fine-cannulae attached to a light vacuum and is effective in addressing localised fat accumulation.


●  Surgical Corrections

Subtle and gentle adjustments may be indicated to improve on the shape, balance and proportions of the lips and perioral tissues. Surgical procedures include: (1) a lip lift (along the nasal base) to shorten and elevate the upper lip; (2) mucosal advancement (V-Y–plasties) to improve the shape of flattened or inverted lips.

Facelift surgeries which address the mid-face (such as the high SMAS facelift), will also benefit the perioral area by elevating and repositioning the tissues of the cheeks, thus improving both nasolabial folds and marionette lines.


During consultation, each patient's anatomical characteristics and concerns are evaluated and an appropriate treatment plan recommended.

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