Multipurpose Forceps

Multipurpose microsurgical forceps with straight and angulated tips: a needle holder, vessel dilator and high-precision micro-forceps within a single instrument.


The multipurpose forceps combine the functionality of 3 microsurgical forceps in one fully-balanced round-handle instrument. The working tips are configured to enable their use as dilators at the front and needle holder/tying forceps further in the back.

●  Needle holder functionality

The forceps are equipped with flat parallel bases (knot plates) suitable for handling micro needles and sutures (8/0-12/0).


●  Micro-forceps functionality

High-precision tips allow the instruments to be used as micro-forceps providing a firm grip in the connective tissue covering vessels and nerves.


●  Dilator forceps functionality

Features mirror-polished and rounded non-traumatising tips, with an evenly distributed pressure that makes them suitable for intra-luminal vessel dilation (S&T standard tip size is 0.3 mm, but can be modified to either 0.2 mm or 0.1 mm).

In addition, the multipurpose forceps with angulated tips are especially suited for positioning of the vessel soft-tissue on the steel pins of the Microvascular Anastomotic Coupler Devices (GEM Microvascular Anastomotic Coupler from Synovis).