Corrective Surgery / Revision Facelift

Revision surgery is performed with the aim of rectifying and improving on undesirable results from previous surgeries. Patients who have had previous surgical treatments performed elsewhere, can be referred to Dr Sorensen for a second opinion and evaluation for possible corrective surgery.


Revision procedures are significantly more complex in all aspects of the patient's care. The main challenges relate to the surgically altered anatomy, scar formation, a higher risk of complications and increased patient anxiety.


Revision surgery is highly specialised and will aim at identifying and addressing the underlying problem, whilst at the same time improving on facial balance, symmetry and aesthetics.


The corrective procedure will often take twice as long as the primary surgery and may in some instances require a staged approach for the best possible outcome.


Previous medical notes and pre-surgical photographs are valuable in establishing the type of procedures performed. During consultation Dr Sorensen will discuss all concerns in detail and provide his recommendations.

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