At your consultation, Dr Sorensen will give you the time you need to talk through your concerns and expectations. He will provide a detailed assessment of your situation and his professional opinion regarding the surgical options best suited to you.


Your time together will also involve discussion of your medical history. An examination will be performed where necessary, including measurements and photography. In the case of aesthetic surgery, it is helpful to bring old photographs in order to provide historical benchmarks.


Dr Sorensen will clearly explain any proposed treatment or procedure, including any potential risks and limitations. As not every person is suitable for surgery, you will be advised if you should wait a few years or consider other options. It is important that your expectations are realistic. Treatments that are considered to pose excessive risk or which are unlikely to meet expectations will not be performed. You will be encouraged to ask questions and take time to consider the information and suggested plan of care. Your initial consultation will generally last an hour, but may be less depending on the nature of the concern. In some cases, a second or third consultation may be required at no additional cost.

Following your consultation

If Dr Sorensen feels that surgery is suitable for you, he will follow up your consultation with a letter summarising your discussion and the treatment proposed, including an estimate of costs. While some patients decide upon their treatment during the initial consultation, you are encouraged to take time in making an informed decision.


If you have any further questions, we would be very happy to arrange further consultations at no additional charge. Once you have decided to proceed with treatment, you can contact our team who will arrange a schedule. A deposit is required to secure your booking, with the remaining fees due two weeks prior to surgery.

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