Skin Treatment

The skin is composed of several cellular layers that insulate and protect the body against pathogens and environmental factors such as ultraviolet radiation. Healthy skin is not only desirable in terms of physical attractiveness, it is also a physiological necessity and promotes a feeling of overall well-being.


There are several ways of medically treating and improving skin health for both men and women. The first step is a thorough examination, highlighting areas of premature ageing, skin damage and pigmentation as well as noting problems such as acne, acne scarring, vascular lesions, rosacea or other irregularities.


The second step is determining a combination of therapies for a personalised programme of skin restoration. The best results are always obtained by combining treatments that stimulate and optimise the skin on both a structural and cellular level. Many skin conditions are associated with specific events such as hormonal changes, pregnancies, etc. and treatments will be customised accordingly.

Scientific and personalised skin restoration

Depending on the nature of the concern and the degree of treatment required, patients will usually begin to see improvements in 2 skin cycles (equivalent to 8 to 12 weeks) from the start of treatment. First-time patients of personalised skin treatments will see dramatic improvements in their skin condition. Patients already on skin care regimes may experience less-pronounced results. However, a personalised approach to maintenance in conjunction with periods of intensified correction and restoration will keep skin looking young and healthy.


For patients who can benefit from the services of both skin specialist and plastic surgeon, ongoing consultations between the practitioners will ensure the integrity of treatments. For facial rejuvenation surgeries such as face lifts, a personalised skin assessment is usually included as part of the procedure.



Our treatments fall into 5 categories: therapeutic skin care, skin peels, microneedling, injectables and dermabrasion.


1.  Therapeutic skin care

At the Sorensen Clinic, we have extensive experience with with both the ZO Skin Health and the Obagi protocols; a range of clinically-proven pharmaceuticals which are a valued part of our skin treatment options.

They offer prescription-strength, physician-dispensed topical skin care systems providing general improvements to skin health. It is a range of specialised products that tighten, lighten, protect, or correct a range of skin concerns such as acne, sun-damage, thickened skin, rosacea, age spots and hyper pigmentations. It is a powerful tool for skin restoration and maintenance, but requires follow-up by an experienced skin specialist to evaluate results and adjust treatments.


2.  Skin peel

A chemical skin peel is a treatment used to improve the texture of the skin by reducing lines, wrinkles, skin pigmentation and shallow acne scars. A chemical solution is used to induce skin exfoliation and provide cellular stimulation, after which a smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin is naturally regenerated. Skin peels can be used to improve skin quality anywhere on the body, including the face, eyelids, neck, décolletage, bald heads, hands, back, arms and legs.

At the Sorensen Clinic, we use the ZO Controlled Depth peel or the Obagi blue peel, both fully customisable TCA (trichloroacetic acid) skin peels. The blue colour allows for a high degree of visual control over skin coverage and depth of penetration during treatment.


3.  Microneedling

Microneedling provides fractional stimulation of the dermis and epidermis, which activates a cascade of natural skin-regenerative processes. Within weeks the skin becomes smoother with improved thickness and texture. At the Sorensen Clinic we find that microneedling enables us to restore a more youthful and healthy appearance for many of our patients. Depending on individual skin concerns, it may be recommended to combine microneedling with a therapeutic skin care protocol containing high-dose retinol (such as ZO Skin Health) in order to optimise the treatment outcome. The treatment is indicated for skin rejuvenation, fine lines, sun-damaged skin, acne scars and stretch marks.


4.  Injectables

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers (for example Juvéderm) are used to augment the deeper layers of the facial skin to address contour defects and volume loss that result from ageing, trauma, scarification or disease. Hyaluronic Acid may also be injected in its purest form (for example Profhilo) to improve the quality of the skin, providing deep hydration, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and signs of photodamage.

Botulinum toxin is used to temporarily reduce or eliminate the muscle activity responsible for dynamic lines and wrinkles in the face. Injections of small quantities soften skin lines and contours, and deliver a refreshed appearance. Botulinum toxin is also effective as a short term treatment for hyperhidrosis (excess sweating) and masseter hypertrophy (teeth grinding).


5.  Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is a measured mechanical removal or “surgical sanding” of damaged skin to create an area where a new layer of skin may form. The procedure, similar to a chemical peel, softens sharp contours and irregularities caused by wrinkles, scarring and acne, and creates new skin that has a smooth and refreshed appearance. The treatment can be performed on localised areas or on the entire face. Dermabrasion is often used in combination with facelift surgery to smooth out fine wrinkles around the mouth.

Dermabrasion can reduce or remove the following skin problems: Fine lines and wrinkles, small acne scars, facial scars, freckles, sun-damage, brown spots (melasma), uneven pigmentation, rough or uneven skin texture, blood vessel damage and pre-cancerous growths

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Healthy skin

Histological section illustrating the cellular layers of the skin which insulate and protect against pathogens and environmental factors such as UV-radiation.

ZO Skin Health

An effective topical skin care system consisting of a range of specialised products that brighten, lighten, protect and correct a range of skin concerns - such as ageing skin, sun-damage, acne, rosacea, and pigmentation. The Sorensen Clinic provides the full range of ZO Skin Health products