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The Handmade Issue #1


'Dedication to handmade perfection'


Wallpaper* has brought together

and briefed some of the world’s

leading designers and craftsmen

Wallpaper* / August 2010




“For its most ambitious issue to date, Wallpaper* has brought together and briefed some of the world’s leading designers, craftsmen and manufacturers to produce unique furniture, fittings, foodstuffs, fashion and more.

"A testament to the craft, skill, vision and will to do better than is required to arrive at the truly remarkable.

The Wallpaper* 100+ list includes:

Tom Ford, fashion designer, New York

Chanel, haute couture, Paris

Olga Berluti, shoemaker, Paris

Pierre-Alexis Dumas, artistic director Hermès, Paris

Frida Giannini, creative director Gucci, Florence

Paul Smith, fashion designer, London

Jesper Sorensen, plastic surgeon, London

Miuccia Prada, fashion designer Prada, Milan

Brioni, custom tailoring, Pescara

Ian Callum, design director Jaguar, Coventry

Fendi, made to order, Rome

Louis Vuitton, custom made, Paris

Christopher Bailey, fashion designer Burberry, London

Dr Jesper Sørensen, Plastic Surgeon, London

A microsurgeon and cosmetic surgeon by trade, Dr Jesper Sørensen has parlayed his remarkable precision, Danish ingenuity and engineering mind into the design of incredibly elegant, yet efficient, ergonomic and multi-tasking micro-surgery instruments.