Photo Guidelines


Please follow these instructions


Use a good quality digital camera. Do not use cameras on mobile phones. 

Use the camera’s normal or zoom lens (not wide angle as this may cause distortion).


Image should be sharp and in-focus, showing close-up views. Expression should be natural and relaxed, without smiling. Lighting should be even and without strong shadows. 

Use a plain background 


Keep the camera level with the area photographed. (Do not photograph upwards or downwards).


Photo 1: Straight-on front view

Photo 2 and 3: 45-degree side-view, right and left

Photo 4 and 5: 90-degree profile-view, right and left (if relevant)


Images larger than 15 MB may not transmit. Cropping out extraneous detail or downsizing the image should prevent this problem.       



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