Tatler Magazine - Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2012

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Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2012

'Doctor Who's Who

UK’s most sought-after surgeons..’

“Best for Facelifts”

Jesper Sorensen

Is there anything that those Scandis can’t do? First they fixed our furniture, then they got us hooked on their crime thrillers and now they are here to rescue us from wrinkles.

Sorensen is a straight-talking surgeon, charming and so precise that he even designs his own tools. He specialises in neck and facelifts using microsurgical tissue-grafting, which involves taking minuscule amounts of fat from your tummy or flanks and placing it in sunken sallow areas. It works wonders on eyelids and his techniques always spare his more mature patients that hollow look. His eponymous Kensington clinic also offers excellent skin-prep treatments such as light Obagi TCA skin peels and Dermaroller, which really help to do away with sun damage.


Sorensen Clinic

10 Knaresborough Place


London SW5 0TG

Phone: 020 7600 4444