Tatler Magazine - Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2010

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Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2010

'The smoothest operators in Britain

Top anti-ageing experts in UK' 

“Best for Faces”

Dr Jesper Sørensen

Based in Kensington, Sørensen has a very high-precision approach. He specialises in endoscopic techniques and fat-grafting and has also been performing microsurgery since 1992, using it for tricky eyelid procedures and to repair facial-nerve injuries. One of his toys is a high-powered loupe for operating on tiny nerves and blood vessels. He has designed his own set of surgical tools with which to perform immaculate facelifts.



Sorensen Clinic

10 Knaresborough Place


London SW5 0TG

Phone: 020 7600 4444