Brachioplasty / Arm Lift

Being genetically predisposed or following a weight loss, the upper arms may develop an undesirable shape. A brachioplasty will restore contours and remove redundant skin, bringing arms into proportion with the rest of the body

Skin elasticity varies across the body and is particularly poor in the upper inner arms. Sagging skin and fat in the arms can be hereditary or more commonly the result of significant weight loss. A brachioplasty or ‘arm lift’ is a surgical procedure by which excess skin and fat are removed and the arms are reshaped to be thinner, firmer and tighter.

There are a number of treatment options. The method of choice will depend on the amount of redundant skin and the distribution of fat. Liposuction is frequently integrated into the procedure to further refine proportions. If localised fat deposits are the primary concern, liposuction may be the only treatment required.

Discreet scar placement

Removal of loose skin will lead to a scar running from the armpit halfway to the elbow. The scar is placed on the inside of the arm, making it visible once arms are elevated. Over time the scar fades into a fine line. Healing is generally quick and the recovery is not associated with much discomfort. A compressive garment is used for two weeks after surgery to reduce swelling. Once fully healed, the aesthetic improvement of an arm lift is usually quite significant.

Nerve-sparing brachioplasty

The inner arm has fine network of sensory nerves extending vertically (medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve with branches). Methods used by Dr Sorensen spare theses nerves and are gentle to soft-tissues and fine structures.

Treatments are equally beneficial for patients with minor requirements, as well as for patients who need complete re-contouring. The procedure is most effective for patients who are close to their overall weight. The majority of patients are between 30 and 70 years old.

An arm lift is often combined with other aesthetic procedures, such as liposuction (body) or a tummy tuck in order to create a slimmer and more defined appearance. Body contouring procedures are often performed after weight loss or for patients looking to tone the problem areas within the abdomen, thighs, upper arms, neck and more.

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